Different Decorative Ideas for Concrete

Concrete can be way beyond a simple gray slab. Regardless if you want to build a driveway, walkway, or patio, there are a lot of different decorative ideas for concrete, which can be utilized to improve and spruce up your landscaping or yard. Here are the following factors to consider: 


Exposed aggregate 

Exposed aggregate concrete provides you a distinct yet simple way to achieve an amazing appearance. This involves the removal of the concrete’s topmost layer and exposes the differently sized aggregates, found inside. Exposed aggregate comes in several sizes of aggregates and provides similar durability like the traditional concrete. However, it also provides a unique and fresh appearance. Moreover, you can mix integral colors and aggregate concrete to provide your concrete with a distinct and unique look.  


Stained concrete can provide an extremely astounding concrete floor look. The stain could be applied both of your exterior and interior flooring and there are different options you can select from, hence, you could have the same look of what you exactly want at a lower price.  


For interior concrete floors, polishing is one of the best choices to go for since it gives a promising look for the least expensive. You can polish a brand new concrete flooring, or you can polish an outdated flooring and actually bring it to life. If you select to get a polished concrete, it will require you for minimal maintenance.  


Getting a flat and plain surface could be boring. If you want to spruce it a bit, you need to think about incorporating stamping to your slab. This is commonly known as stamped concrete, which looks like brick or natural stone and could add class and dimension to your home’s exterior. Whether you prefer something that looks like cobblestone, slate, or you can meet them both halfway, it can definitely provide you exactly what you want.  


If you hear the phrase “concrete driveway,” perhaps you’ll immediately associate a gray slab. But, concrete can be available in different hues of color and not just gray. Integral and topical colors could be incorporated into the concrete. Topical color is mixed to the concrete’s top layer, which can offer a more beautifully pleasing appearance. On the other hand, integral colors are mixed to the mixture of concrete to provide it a richer color. Regardless of which color you select, you can definitely choose for something that has a natural tone, or you could be a bit more daring when it comes to your selection.  

Indeed, concrete is a very versatile material, which can be used best for walkways, patios, driveways, and more. When you wish to prevent having the usual gray concrete look, you can always choose for a decorative concrete selection. Keep in mind that it would be best to utilize a concrete sealer on your decorative concrete to make it look at its best for a longer time. 

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